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Reputation is an abstract yet genuine opinion that can determine success or failure. At Malaysia Strategic Public Relations Sdn Bhd (SPRG Malaysia), we believe that creating honest and lasting bonds is the best means of building positive reputations. Through the efforts of our culturally diverse and multi-talented team, we have developed many impactful campaigns; spanning large-scale talk-of-the-town events involving celebrities to intimate sustainability-related initiatives that establish bonds between companies and communities. Our ability to cater for the needs of clients, look out for their interests and respect the concerns of the public ensure that companies are not only able to create value, but also observe the values that form the bedrock of a better society.

Selected Clients

What Our Clients Say

  • Thanks, SPRG Malaysia, for braving multiple storms with us and supporting all our initiatives and campaigns.
  • Public relations works from SPRG Malaysia have been extremely professional and significantly value added our business in Malaysia, especially in relation to our office launch.
  • The team has been in good spirits despite the fasting month and have produced the videos in record time.
  • SPRG is passionate about their work and go all out to create awareness and exposure for EUMCCI.
  • I loved working with SPRG because they understood the energy and characteristics of each individual brand.
  • SPRG successfully handled with sensitivity and finesse our crisis communications in a challenging, politically charged post-election environment with rumors and allegations implicating high level politicians and Ministers.

Client Snapshots