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Montieth SPRG Communications Consultants Limited

At the end of 2020, SPRG and Montieth & Company (M&Co) joined forces to establish Montieth SPRG in Hong Kong. The new JV Company focuses on serving the clients brought by M&Co from the America and EMEA regions, looking to expand into Asia-Pacific, as well as corporates with little or no presence in this strategic growth market. Montieth SPRG combines is the result of a collaboration between the two agencies that stretches back over 15 years.


Montieth SPRG Communications Consultants Limited


Montieth SPRG is a strategic communications consultancy that helps global organisations expand into Asia-Pacific, raise brand awareness and achieve their business objectives. We provide fully integrated cross-border communications strategies that move flexibly and nimbly across money and media markets.


Website: https://montiethsprg.asia/