Senior Director, Global Strategy/Digital

Arthur R. Hagopian

As a trained anthropologist and digital media expert, Arthur has firmly established himself within the communications arena in Greater China. Based in Beijing since 2007, he has worked and consulted with dozens of top-tier Chinese and international companies from a wide array of both B2C and B2B industries— conceiving and executing highly effective strategies for product and corporate marketing, branding, and crisis communication programmes (both online and offline).  

Since 2010, Arthur has intensely followed trends within the vast Chinese online digital/social media and e-commerce landscapes, and has intimate knowledge of Chinese “netizen” behaviour, communication modes, engagement stimuli, purchasing patterns and pop-culture trends.  

Arthur has also conceived and executed multiple international road-shows for numerous high-level government delegations seeking to raise country awareness and investment. His close ties with domestic Chinese and international media have ensured robust coverage for clients in top publications. He maintains relationships with hundreds of key online influencers from various industries which he strategically employs for maximum reach and awareness for both domestic and international brands.


His campaigns have won numerous awards both in China and internationally in PR, social media and integrated marketing/communications categories.