Deputy Managing Director

Veron Ng

Veron has over 20 years of solid experience in media and investor relations.  She has direct experience in journalism as financial reporter in prominent and influential media. Her strong media background and extensive network make her the “media specialist” of SPRG.


Veron serves many of SPRG’s anchor clients.  She has completed 60 IPOs and is advising many Hong Kong listed companies and financial institutions on media and investor relations.  She is particularly strong in handling issue management and specific PR projects, including but not limited to privatization, fund raising activities.   Veron used to think out of the box and win challenging campaigns for her clients.


Veron enjoys long-term relationships with her clients.  Many of her existing clients are originally her IPO project clients.  They have been working together for over a decade or two.  With extensive knowledge of how the media operate, Veron is a highly effective media relations trainer, and has applied her craft to help executives of listed companies and from government bodies.


Veron holds a Master’s Degree in Financial Management from the University of London.