Managing Director

Anita Cheung

Anita is a seasoned public relations practitioner with more than 30 years of experience in financial public relations and the banking sectors. Joining SPRG in 1996, within three years, starting from scratch, she has set up a specialised company to manage IPO and investor relations communications for enterprises from the PRC. To date, she has provided professional counsel to around 300 IPO, merger and acquisition and investor relations communications programmes for clients, including some of the most renowned and active enterprises in the market, resulting in some of the most successful deals, record-breaking subscription rates and share price performances in Hong Kong and China.

Anita possesses extensive financial knowledge and has close ties with both the financial sector and the media. Prior to joining SPRG, she served at a bank catering to the financial needs of corporations in different industries from around the world. She has also provided instruction on financial analysis to management trainees during her tenure with that institution.

With an in-depth understanding of the operation and culture of Chinese enterprises, and the business environment in mainland China, she is able to devise pertinent and effective PR strategies that position her mainland Chinese clients at the centre of the international stage. Anita is also an experienced trainer on media skills and crisis management, and is a frequent guest speaker at seminars in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Besides being a leader in public relations practice, Anita is a columnist for Capital Weekly. She is also a part-time lecturer in the Master of Arts Degree Course in Communications at the Baptist University of Hong Kong. Formerly she has taught investor relations courses at SPACE of Hong Kong University.

Anita holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree in Accountancy from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.