Vice President

Cathy Pan

Cathy brings a wealth of industry knowledge to SPRG, including solid experience in communication strategy development, investor relations, corporate reputation management, and issues and crisis management in Greater China.


Based in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, Cathy provides strategic communications for leading multinational and Chinese corporations, involving major global markets such as H-share, A-share, the U.S. and CEINEX D-share markets, as well as the Shanghai-London Stock Connect.


Prior to joining SPRG, Cathy served as a lead financial writer and media director at many well-known media agencies across the Greater China region. She also held a senior management position at a leading international PR firm, leveraging her unique insights in financial markets to develop tailor-made strategies and help clients achieve their goals.


Determined to make a difference in the IR industry, Cathy stays at the forefront with the core goal of partnering and growing together with her clients.